The Trails Trust
the trails trust
Creating multi-user public rights of way
Our Mission is to work with Councils, farmers and other landowners to negotiate and develop a sustainable network of linking routes.   We promote non-motorised health, sport and leisure activities which support tourism and the local economy and protect our heritage of paths, trails and country lanes.

We are committed to the following principles:
  • Access should be free and open to all whether young or old, disabled or fit, well off or socially disadvantaged
  • Access should be permanent - strategic route networks are vital to the countryside especially to meet long term economic, tourism, transport, sport and leisure aspirations
  • Access should be non discriminatory and multi user. Families and groups of friends often wish to walk, cycle and ride together
  • Access should be used with care for the needs of others and the land
The links above will give you information about The Trust, our history and principles.

We are committed to supporting individuals and groups across England & Wales who want to improve their own network of multi-user off-road paths.

As a charity we rely on grants from various organisations and charitable trusts but the unreliability of this makes it difficult to plan ahead with any certainty.

Your membership will help us create sustainable funding, and in turn help us to help you. The number of members we have also supports our funding applications.

We hope you will share our enthusiasm for creating permanent, safe access to the countryside both in rural and urban areas, for horse riders, cyclists, pedestrians and carriage drivers. Please join us and help change the map of England for ever.

A copy of the Trails Trust's Articles of Association can be read by clicking the link below.

Articles of Association