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Creating multi-user public rights of way
Trust guide to creating rights of way - Download (FREE)
Creating Multi-user Public Rights of Way - A Guide for Local Groups is now available for download free of charge. Click the icon below to get your copy
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This ground breaking guide gives detailed advice and useful case studies to help people create new trails.

Rachel Thompson, author of the guide, explained that a user group in the Forest of Dean had already used it to secure landowner agreements in principle to the creation of new 50 miles of trails in the Forest � potentially creating the longest greenway in England.
The Trails Trust Methodology
The Guide provides a step-by-step methodology for creating new trails from the choosing of the route through to its opening for public use.
trails trust methodology flow chart
Sample Case Study - Binegar, Ashwick & Croscombe circuits
Example: dedicating 3 bridleways (2 miles of new route) to create 10 miles of figure of eight community circuits in the Mendips connecting to local pubs and The Rookery farm shop / caf�.

Project: Gales Lane (1). Route required to enable users to cross the busy A37 from Limekiln Lane (4), an existing multi user route (RB). An existing FP opposite ran along a grass lane (once an old tramway connected to Oakhill brewery), then as an unenclosed path across the middle of a field gazed by cattle to a quiet tarmac lane. A DMMO application in 1992 to upgrade from FP to BR based on historic (map) evidence failed. Rather than submit an appeal, the local NFU office was asked to help negotiate a bridleway. The landowner had concerns regarding stock security - this was overcome by creating and fencing a new length of bridleway alongside the last field boundary. Project cost: �2,000 (approx). Funded by Somerset County Council (SCC).

Project: Rookery Farm (2). Route required to bypass B3135 (fast traffic) used by vulnerable users. An old lane, Bennett�s Lane (part FP) ran parallel to the B3135. Connecting (little used) FPs that crossed land grazed by cattle and horses (including a stallion and young thoroughbreds being raised for racing) were not suitable for upgrading. Successful negotiations with landowners resulted in a new bridleway created and fenced along boundaries, keeping all users away from grazing stock and one field away from the young thoroughbreds. Project cost: �4,500. Funded by SCC / SALSF.

Project: Burnthouse Drove (3). Route required to link to a grass road (5) - an existing multi user route (UUCR) - as part of circuit. Existing FP ran through intensive dairy farm into cul de sac grass drove road. The landowner had concerns regarding stock security. New gates were installed along the route including at the end of the grass drove road for extra security. Project cost: �5,000 (included capital payment to principle landowner). Funded by SALSF.
trails trust sample case study map Mendips